Team: Zhijun Song, Eddie Baixing Chen

Control: ASD(direction), Space(jumping), Pressed "F" to open and grab objects.

In this project, we are planning to do a room-escaping platformer game. Player can control the character to collect items, reading things, interacting with items in the game. Player need to find out how to escape from the room by finding details in each room. 

This is the beginning scene of this game, try to move your mouse around and find how to get into the next scene. 

Other play scenes image:

Made withUnity

Development log


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This is such a well-designed game with your choice of visual style and the story line! I love the setting of room-escape game, what is unique about your game is that usually the room-escape game i played were kinda scary and creepy, llike the rusty lake series, but you guys managed to make it adorable and relaxing. would be a great time killer! XD 

I love the graphics and objects collected in this game. The character looks cute and all the graphics are drawn very well. I hope I can know more about the story before the play. Since storytelling is an important part of the game, I feel that might be good if you write before the gameplay about the character and why he/she is here. The plot may help the player understand why she wants to collect objects and makes this action self-directed. The game may be more interesting if the player is not just following the instructions, like “open the fridge”, but have more choices on how to interact.  Among all games I played today, this game is the one that most close to that type of game I like to play. You may want to look at games like The Witch’s House and IB for some inspiration. 

really fun little game making a potion is a cool idea and i thought it was easy to figure out for the player and I would love a part two!

I really like the environment you create for this game, I do feel I'm in a mansion and seek to get out. All the 2d illustrations are well drawn and I was amazed by that many furnitures could be opened and also have objects inside. The only thing is that on the instruction page, you offer the option that the player can select the character. I select the green character, but in the game it's still showing the red character, but it's just a small thing that you can change quickly. Overall very good job, love it!

I think it's very successful how the concept and music create a very calming, magical apothecary exploration experience. It definitely feels like an escape room having to scavenge for clues! I wish the jump could have more weight and less like moving through space! I also love the name of the game!

this game is definitely very original, the combination of tulips, bg music, and the flat aesthetics of scene&character. things noticed during playing: size of player is too similar to the size of a stair so kind of gets stuck when i jump to next stairs. i collected the tulips in the indoor space and then when i tried to go outside, i was brought back to the start scene so i couldnt make any potions..